Africa Youth Day Speech 2018


(Thursday, November 1, 2018)

Good day Nigerian Youth; the strength and pride of our country and amiable continent, Africa!

I wish to commence this speech by congratulating one of us and an astute Pan-African from Tunisia, Aya Chebbi on her appointment as the first African Union (AU) Youth Envoy today in Ethiopia. We wish her and other board members a successful tenure and fruitful activities, as they tour the continent for purposeful engagement.

We at African Youth for Development Commission (AYDEC) Nigeria join all Africans at home and in the diaspora to commemorate this special day which is aimed at celebrating the future and stronghold of our dear Continent - our Youth!

Notably, Africa is the world's youngest continent with 60% of the over 1.2 billion population less than 25 years. Niger, with a mean age of 14.8, is Africa's and world's youngest country. Cumulatively, Africa has a mean age of 19.8 compared to the global average of 30.4 years

As the youngest continent on earth, we celebrate the source of this demographic plus; the African Youths.

Moreso, as Nigerian Youths, who make the chunk of the nation's population (over 80 million youths), we have a vital role to play towards sensitizing the entire nation and the world at large.

Our role is simple: Project Africa for purposeful  development, Preach Peace in Principle, Action and Speech.

May I urge all African Youths in Nigeria and beyond to commemorate the significance and essence of this Africa Youth Day in our day-to-day activities, with all sense of responsibility towards achieving the #AfricaWeWant.

This years' commemoration is themed: "Raising youth voices against corruption in Africa". Let's join thoughts and voices in collectivism towards stopping this raging surge which is absolutely inimical to the growth and development of Africans and Africa as a continent.

To correct the woes of corruption which had eaten so deep into our system of politics, health and even interracial, educational and socio-cultural activities, the strength of Africa "The Youths" MUST rise and raise voice against the odds.

In order to attain sustainable development for Africa, we MUST STOP corruption; else corruption STOPS our tireless efforts towards purposeful development.

Undoubtedly, African Youth are the mainstay and core value of the continent's  demographic strength.

They signify strength, hope, love and prosperity.

At AYDEC Nigeria, we strongly believe that the Youth are our core strength, and our strength will propel us towards purposeful development, peaceful-coexistence, greater heights and unity as a people.

Of course, a society that cares less about the education and well-being of its Youth is indeed a dead society.

More importantly, on this prestigious day of celebrating the African Youth, we passionately implore all young people not to despair. We understand the predicaments and societal challenges the youths face, especially in light of the economic hardship, socio-cultural menace and poor educational contents and facilities in most African Countries today.

It's a known fact that most of the people given the mandate of governance had failed in their responsibilities, hence the poor deliveries and mismanagement of economic resources.

"If the Government can't, let's do" - This is our advice to all African youths. We are our own future, let's give our all to correct the odds, become cherished and enviable amongst young peers in other Countries and the world at large. 

However, we believe that our teeming youth should take this unique day beyond the celebration and commemoration. We need to empower our existence as the youngest continent by liberating the youth and preparing the closest future for sustainable development.

In Nigeria, we implore the Federal Government to step up its strategic points by creating enabling environment with access to health care services, sound education, skills development, cultural Integration, enabling peaceful atmosphere and above all including the youths in governance and decision making process with ideals of our country and governmental policies.

This will be a purposeful way of engaging our youth for a brighter future.

Ultimately, all youths have the right to be protected from violence, exploitation and abuse. Yet, millions of children Worldwide from all socio-economic backgrounds, across all ages, religions and cultures suffer violence, exploitation and abuse every day. The youths must rise and raise voices, resounding voices!

Million more of our children are at risk. Some girls and boys are particularly vulnerable because of gender, race, ethnic origin or socio-economic status differences.

We wish to reiterate as contained in previous release, again and again, that "child labour is perilous and a societal menace too much to be condoned. We frown at this retardive act which has cost the world lots of misfortunes. Our children should be given the enabling and conducive environment to be educated. It's a core prerequisite to labour.

Child labour during or prior to education is an abysmal misnomer and an obvious disorder which should be condemned by all."

The AYDEC Nigeria hereby call on the Federal Government of Nigeria, African Union (AU) Member States, UNICEF, UNFPA, other stakeholders and relevant authorities to step up strategic measures towards curbing the high rate of child trafficking, child begging, sexual exploitation of the child, incessant rape, child drug trades, child terrorism, and all forms of ill-productive acts against the children and young people.

Our Youth are Our Strength

Our Strength; Our Hope as a Nation and Continental Pride!

Thank you and Happy Africa Youth Day!





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