Democracy and Good Governance

AYDEC works in collaboration with Youngstars Foundation and other democratic units to organize periodic advocacy for good governance and youth inclusion in governance.

Health and Education

AYDEC in partnership with African Network for Adolescents and Young Persons Development (ANAYD) organizes periodic events and projects towards actualizing the SDGs and AU Agenda 2063 targets on sustainable health schemes. AYDEC also has Campus Ambassadors from tertiary institutions across the Continent

Leadership and Capacity Building

AYDEC seeks to chart a pragmatic plan towards enhancing leadership skills and building human capacity of young Africans

Environmental Protection and Climate Change

Towards ensuring a serene Environment and addressing the global change in climate, AYDEC members organize series of events across the continent

Promotion of UN SDGs 2030 and African Union Agenda 2063

AYDEC works within the framework of African Union Commission, as such its activities are geared towards addressing the global goals on SDGs s and AU Agenda 2063