The African Youth for Development Commission shall:

a) Organize and unify youth voice, strengthen stronger bonds of cooperation among the youth and youth structures by providing them with a unique platform to exchange ideas and experiences, create impact driven change, promote the Pan African Agenda 2063 to ensure young people’s ownership, effective participation and representation at African Union programmes and initiatives.

b) Promote regular and constructive dialogue among the youth, youth structures, Governments through AU and regional economic communities, civil society organizations, African Diaspora, and international/development partners with regard to youth development in the continent.

c) Facilitate discussions and work on issues affecting effective youth’s participation and representation at AU led negotiations and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of legal instruments, projects, programmes, and or initiatives by bringing them to the attention of national governments and regional bodies.

d) Initiate and support in collaboration with African Union Youth Envoy, AUC Youth Division, NEPAD e-Africa programme, national youth councils, regional, continental youth structures, groups, networks and African Diaspora the implementation of an online African Youth Development Centre (AYDEC Continental Forum) for facilitation of networking, easy access to, engagement and dissemination of relevant and timely information on youth projects and initiatives throughout the continent and Diaspora. The portal would also be a place where anyone looking for a youth expert or specialist, youth organization or initiative on any issue can go to access.

e) Work with Pan-African Youth organizations to advocate for standalone Youth Division in AUC, define and formalize entry point for the youth’s intervention in AU activities and programmes.

f) Work with AUC, RECs, International and Development partnership for establishment of a continental Youth Fund to support youth and young women seeking for political leadership or position and to strengthen active youth participation and representation in events of great importance to their development.

g) promote the ideals of good governance democratic values, Healthy Society and wholesome implementation of the SDGs amongst its members