Eidu-l-Fitr Message from AYDEC




As today's celebration signifies the end of holy month of Ramadãn and commencement of a new Islamic month (Shawwal), I hereby enjoin all Muslims to put into active practice the meritorious and virtuous lessons learnt therein during the 29/30 days of Ramadan fasting.

My warmest regards and best wishes to all Muslims across Africa and the world at large who are celebrating E'idu-l-Fitr today. May Allah bestow us all with endless bliss, bountiful wealth, sound health and longevity to witness more on earth. 

It's highly remarkable to note that the sole goal of the just concluded Ramadan fasting is 'piety'. This should reflect in all our daily activities, even after Ramadan.

More so, some of the veritable tools utilized in sustaining progress are prayer and fasting. As such, we hereby enjoin all; Muslims and Christians alike with other faithfuls to persist in their prayers and daily supplications towards development of Africa and success of the AYDEC Team at all levels, Countries, Continental and International.

As the holy month of Ramadan ends, friends, colleagues, family and relatives will come together for celebration, reflection and charity towards alleviating the sufferings of the needy and less privileged. We implore our amiable youths to further transcend these noble acts beyond Ramadãn and imbibe them as sterling characters.

With these, our communities will thrive better and together we can build ideal societies of our own and of course realize in due course, #TheAfricaWeWant.

We thank God for the blessings of life and sound health.

However, at this time we must keep in our thoughts and prayers for those who are unable to celebrate or be with their loved ones. May God console all those in distress across the continent and beyond.

I also urge all Pan-Africans, especially the young ones, regardless of their faith, belief or race to remain faithful, dedicated, prayerful and patriotic.

The virtues of piety, alms giving to the needy, regular supplication to Allah and neighbourliness should subsist beyond the Ramadãn period.

AYDEC also use this festive season to call on the Government; Federal, State, Local, the Legislative and Judiciary arms alike alongside relevant agencies to rescue our dear continent from the hydra-headed challenges of insecurity, unemployment, economic hardship and corruption amongst others. We call for pragmatic steps towards addressing these menace which are eating deep into our progress and growth, as a people.

Consequently, all African Youth should seek to contribute their quota towards rebuilding the Continent with renewed vigour and commitment to civic responsibilities.

Once again, I, on behalf of the Continental Executive Board and Countries Coordinating Team across Africa, wish all Muslims a happy E'idu-l-Fitr Celebration and call on everyone to comport themselves peacefully during the E'idu-l-Fitr celebration period and continue being their brothers’ keepers.

Barka de Sallah!

E'idun Mubaarak!!


Lateef Oladimeji SALAAM

Continental Head,

African Youth for Development Commission (AYDEC).

June 4, 2019.



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